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3D printed grippers for the packaging and bottling industries

3D-printed grippers made of our self-lubricating, maintenance-free, high-performance polymers are up to 50 times more wear resistant than traditional 3D-printing materials. That’s because we extensively test our engineered composite plastic iglide® printing materials inside our 41,000-square-foot test lab to ensure every 3D-printed part offers exceptional wear rates that are comparable to injection-molded components. Our iglide® grippers are up to 7 times lighter than conventional metal grippers and reduce costs by up to 85%.  


  • Reduce costs by up to 85%
  • 70% less manufacturing time
  • Fast and cost-effective production
  • Individual grippers and small batches - no minimum order quantity required 
  • Complex shapes can be implemented with 3D printing
  • Low-wear and friction-optimized iglide® polymers to choose from
  • No external lubricant required - less susceptible to dust and dirt

3D Printed Gripper bottles

Order 3D printed components online

3D printing service

Use our online 3D-printing service to easily upload and order your gripper’s CAD file. Choose which iglide® material meets your requirements and check your component for any weak points with our wall thickness analysis.

iglide polymer filament materials

  • Up to 50 times more abrasion resistant than standard material
  • Wear-resistant components for prototypes and small batches
  • Simple processing
  • Ideal for tribological applications
  • Self-lubricating and dirt resistant

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igus service life calculator

Visit the 3D printing test lab

igus® engineers continuously test the tribological properties of our iglide® materials inside our 41,000-square-foot test lab to ensure each 3D-printed component offers a longer service life than standard materials inside moving applications.

Visit the 3D printing test lab

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Whether you're interested in turnkey, fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 965-2496 to discuss your project today!

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