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igubal® spherical bearing applications

The igubal® self-aligning bearing range, which incorporates rod ends, clevis joints, flange bearings, pressfit bearings and pillow blocks, can be used in the most demanding applications. The self-aligning bearings are corrosion resistant despite humid or wet conditions and can withstand temperatures ranging from between -22 to +176 °F. They are injection molded from high performance, low cost iglide® plastics, which are completely insensitive to dirt and dust.

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Gaming & movie seats

iglide® L280 plastic bushings and igubal® pillow block bearings in home theater, gaming and movie theater seats.

Electric utility vehicle

These electric utility vehicles use igubal® pillow blocks in their steering shafts and igubal® clip bearings in their suspension systems.

Process engineering

Plastic rod end bearings in CD/DVD production machinery

Hydrogen-powered car

igubal® plastic rod end bearings and iglide® plain bearings in a hydrogen-powered vehicle

Rescue Robot

Robot using igubal® pillow block bearings wins 2006 RoboCup Junior World Championship


iglide® G300 plastic bushings, drylin® N linear slides and igubal® rod ends are used in this inspection device for an offshore drilling riser.

Packaging machine handle dispenser

iglide® and igubal® plastic bearings are used on the application head of this handle dispenser on a packaging machine.

All electric Porsche Speedster

Spherical bearings and pillow blocks are used in this electrically driven Porsche Speedster

Measuring equipment

Pneumatic wear measurement device uses igubal® spherical bearings and iglide® plastic bushings.

Flow distributor

igubal® plastic self-aligning bearings (including clevis joints) are used here because they are corrosion and water resistant, lubrication-free and low cost

Bagging machine

igubal® rod end bearings and clevis joints used in bagging machines for caustic soda

Rotary sorter

Automated rotary package sorter uses igubal® flange bearings.

Banknote processing equipment

igubal® self-aligning bearings combine with a ball and socket joint to enable locking mechanism of currency counter to function.

3-axis tripod for welding gun

igubal® spherical bearings are used in a welding gun for their low cost and ability to resist dirt

Pipe organ

iglide® J plastic bushings and igubal® rod ends and clevis joints for traditional pipe organs.

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