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robolink® robotic
arms & components
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Robotic Arms & Parts for Industrial Automation

robolink® DP is a 4 or 5-axis robotic arm featuring self-lubricating, maintenance-free plastic joints. It can be designed with or without our integrated control system. Other features include an optimized bearing support for each axis to reduce backlash, a payload up to 30N, cycle times from 6 seconds, and a reach up to 790mm. We offer robolink® DP in a small or large size as well as motor and drive encoders upon request. We can also customize a robotic arm using the components below to meet your specific application requirements.
If you're looking for even lower cost solutions that do not require as high speed and/or precision, consider robolink® DCI or DC, our "Legacy Series" robotic arms. It features the same self-lubricating plastic joints as robolink® DP and can be purchased as a complete robot or customized using our robolink® designer tool.

  • Material Handling & Assembly
  • Welding, Painting & Drilling
  • Automanufacturing
  • Pick and place
Download the robolink® DP Technical Data Sheet

Shop robolink® DP 4 or 5 DoF robotic arms

robolink DP
  • Payload up to 30N, Cycle times > 6s, Reach up to 790mm
  • Available as DPI version with integrated control system
  • Motor and drive encoders available upon request
  • Optimized bearing support for each axis to backlash
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Kevin Wright igus contact Whether you're interested in fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (905) 760-8448 to discuss your project today!
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drygear® strain wave gear

strain wave gears
  • Compact design
  • Available transmission: 28:1
  • Standard motor option: Stepper motor NEMA11 or 17
  • INI-Kit for zero position optionally adaptable
  • Adaptor disc for flanging on grippers available
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Robotic joints

worm gear joint
  • Slewing ring bearing (iglide® PRT) with plastic housing
  • The main component is a worm gear
  • Cables can be guided through the center hole
  • The joints can be ordered with or without motor

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Rotary Axis with Motor

rotary axis with motors
  • robolink® D robotic joint, symmetrical - with two PRT slewing ring bearings with direct drive
  • The main component is a worm gear, & cables can be guided through the center hole
  • Self-locking drive
  • Application horizontal on base plate
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Strain wave gears with motors

strain wave gears with motors
  • Installation size: 17 with NEMA17/flange dimension 42 mm
  • Optional motor connections: wire, connector, encoder and brake
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Gearbox with Cantilever Actuator

gearbox with cantilever axis
  • The linear gearbox enables different strokes in the application.   
  • Rack and pinion elements included.
  • Configurable in different lengths for sliding applications.
Shop Gearbox with Cantilever Actuator

Gearbox Joint with Motor

apiro gearbox with motor
  • Installation size: NEMA17/flange installation size 42mm
  • Holding torque: 0.5Nm
  • Nominal current: 1.80A
  • Motor connection:  Stranded wire
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Engineer's Toolbox Resources

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Browse our legacy robolink® arms and more!

robolink® DCI

robolink DCI
  • 3.5" Touchscreen as easy control panel
  • Ultra compact – control cabinet no longer necessary
  • 1 digital in/out module with 4 inputs/outputs on 24 V level, up to 3 modules
Shop robolink® DCI

robolink® DC

robolink DC
  • 4 or 5 degrees of freedom
  • Motor encoder
  • INI kit
  • Reach: 600 or 750 mm
  • Payload: 1,000 or 3,000g
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  • Gantries & cartesian robots
  • Delta pick and place robots
  • Linear actuators
  • Electric linear actuators with motors
  • Multi-axis cable carriers for robots
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