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Strain relief elements
Strain relief clamps, tiewrap plates and modular plug-in strain relief elements.

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Guide troughs for long travels
From the lightweight and universally deployable "Super Alu" guide trough through to the simple and cost-effective snap-in trough.

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PPDS - Push/Pull Detection System
  • Easy installation, non-interchangeable connectors
  • Easy programming using the keypad directly at the device
  • Compact housing, corrosion-resistant and with EMC protection
  • The force limit is programmed in tensile and compression directions

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isense smart plastics
Eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs

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Assembly tool
Simple opening and closing of chain links and big time savings in assembly.

from 40.39 USD/Pc.

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e-rib: corrugated tube reinforcement
The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems.  Easily retrofittable, little installation space required and stability against unwanted sideways movement.

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Trough clip
Energy supply for static cables. Trough clip, guides cable along the guide trough

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disassembly tool for TRE.B + TRCF version
  • necessary only for TRE.B + TRCF version
  • makes disconnecting of TRE.B + TRCF version possible
  • not automatically included when ordering TRE.B or TRCF

from 5.00 USD/Pc.

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triflex R TRE locking Clips
  • necessary to properly connect TRE e-chain and mounting brackets
  • clips which are installed between the flexible TRE wings of the TRE e-chain  

from 1.24 USD/Pc.

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