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drylin® XY actuators

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drylin® XY actuators

A maintenance-free, low-cost automation solution

drylin® XY actuators are a low-cost solution for a variety of automated tasks. They are modular, so you can add igus® accessories (or your own), such as motors, motor flanges, couplings and inductive sensors.  drylin® linear XY actuators offer a variety of advantages: a cost savings of up to 60 percent, self-lubricating components, a lightweight design, resistance to corrosion, dirt and dust, and easy assembly and installation. igus® also offers customized drylin® XY actuators based on customer-specific application and installation parameters.

Part Number: DLE-LG-0001

  • Workspace: 500mm x 100mm
  • Positioning accuracy: approx. +/-0.2mm
  • Max load: 24.5N (5.5lbs) *horizontally mounted
  • Max speed: 1m/s
  • Other options available for higher loads and speeds
  • Pick and place
  • Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Measurement
  • Inspection automation
  • Repetitive material handling
Additional igus® accessories:
  • Inductive sensors
  • Mechanical switches
  • Motor flanges
  • Couplings
  • Assembly plates
  • Motor cables

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Advantages of drylin® XY actuators

Low cost gantries  
Low cost

Up to 60 percent less than traditional gantries


Order the linear actuators and accessories you need


Operate without external lubrication, perfect for hygienic environments 

Low cost gantries  

Reduce weight by up to 75 percent

Corrosion resistant  
Corrosion Resistant

No grease means no corrosion

Dirt resistant  
Dirt resistant

Operate successfully when exposed to high levels of dirt, chips or sand

Application Assistance

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