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Automation &

Manufacturing automation solutions

Automation solutions that can improve your system & save you cost

Our line of low cost, maintenance-free robots gives small and medium-sized businesses a competitive and technical advantage over the competition. drylin® gantry robots are designed with our self-lubricating, high-performance plastic liners that slide instead of roll and require no external lubricants. They’re also lightweight and resistant to dirt and corrosion. igus® offers drylin® ZLW single-axis linear actuators as well as customized drylin® gantry solutions based on customer-specific application and installation parameters. Accessories, such as motors, motor controllers, couplings and motor flanges, are also available. Our modular drylin® delta robots and robolink® DP robotic arms offer the same technical advantages as our gantries. Delta is available in two sizes and starts as low as $6,200. Countless component combinations are available for robolink® so you can design an individual solution that meets the needs of your business.

Application examples:

  • Pick and place
  • Sorting
  • Labeling measurement
  • Inspection automation
  • Repetitive material handling
Accessories, such as stepper motors, inductive sensors and motor flanges, are available for each low cost automation solution.


Browse our automation solutions

drylin® gantries & cartesian robots

drylin® gantries & cartesian robots

  • Modular
  • Self-lubricating components
  • Resistant to dirt, dust, and corrosion
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delta robot

drylin® delta pick and place robot

  • Pick rate of 60/minute
  • Calibrating pin for easy positioning
  • Starting as low as $4,449
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robolink® robotic arms & parts

  • Modular, 4 or 5 DoF (degrees of freedom)
  • Pre-configured or create your own
  • 4-7 months ROI (depending on control system)
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triflex cobot kit

triflex® R cobot kits

Browse plastic hook and loop mounting brackets for cable management systems used on collaborative robots (cobots)

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linear actuator

drylin® Linear Actuators

  • Motorized screw, belt-driven & gear rack drives
  • Available with motors, cables, initiators, etc
  • Online configurator & service lifetime calculator

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drylin ZLW 7th axis for robot

drylin® 7th axis robot & ZLW actuator

  • Flexible use of robots vs. locking kinematics
  • ZLW-20 linear actuator connected modular axis
  • Stroke lengths up to 3,000mm

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Whether you're interested in fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (905) 760-8448 to discuss your project today!

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