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Plastic Bar Stock Turned & Milled to Your Exact Specifications

igus® uses plastic bar stock consisting of iglide® high-performance polymers to manufacture individual components and prototypes according to your custom requirements. This enables us to produce wear-resistant and maintenance-free custom plastic bar stock in the form of round rods, hollow rods or plates.

iglide materials have a range or properties, such as low coefficients of friction, or high temperature resistance. All materials are resistant to dust, dirt, corrosion and humidity, making our custom bar stock an ideal solution for any possible application.

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Bar stock consisting of iglide® high-performance polymers is turned to achieve the correct shape.

2. We turn, mill and drill holes in your component according to your specifications

The production process at igus® starts as soon as your order is received.

Delivery of the turned or milled components

3. You receive your finished product

We make everything ready to ship and deliver your desired component as quickly as possible.

The right material for your project!

iglidur® granules for making individual components

We offer you over 50 tribologically optimised materials for countless applications in which wear-resistance is a necessity. Irrespective of whether your application is exposed to high temperatures, contact with media or wear-intensive conditions – igus® almost always offers a solution.

Overview of high-performance materials

Custom bearings

Customized bearings made of iglide® high-performance polymers

Find out everything about custom bearings from igus®.

Injection molding
of special bearings

Injection molding with iglide® high-performance polymers

Your desired component injection-molded and made of iglide® high-performance polymers.

Custom bearings

3D printing filaments consisting of iglide® high-performance polymers

3D printing service for customized parts - delivered from 24 hrs.

Custom bearings

Custom plastic bearings and bushings.

Custom plastic bearings and bushings.

Application examples

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Kevin Wright

Regional Director Canada


Customer Service:

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