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drylin® ZLW linear actuator used along with 7th axis robot slide for cobots

Toothed belt actuator + UR adapter kit +gearbox and motor controller + cable carriers. Upon request with UR cap integration

Users can now easily add a 7th axis to their existing articulated arm robots.  The new adapter kits for ZLW toothed belt axes extend the workspace or the radius of action of your robot by the so-called 7th axis.  The high compatibility enables the integration not only in, but also in external robots such as the Universal Robots.

For the integration in UR robots you need:

  • Flexible use of robots instead of locking kinematics
  • Connection via linear carriage of the ZLW-20 modular axis
  • Adapter kit including suitable e-chain systems®
  • Linear systems with strokes up to 3m as standard. Up to 6m after technical inspection

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Clamps for energy supply systems

Secure fixing of the energy supply system for small robots and cobots

Clamps for energy chains and protective hoses on robot arms

The new universal mounts are cost-effective, flexible and quick to install; they can be fastened with a hoop and loop tape for different robot arm diameters. Furthermore, the clamps are silicone-free and therefore suitable for the automotive industry.

  • As universal single clamp for cobot
  • Ready configured Universal Robots kits for UR3(e), UR5(e), UR10(e), UR16(e) 
  • New: fiber-rod holder for UR10(e), for 600mm fiber-rods

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Configure a 7 axis UR with e-chain® cable carriers

Self-lubricating toothed belt axes

Made of aluminum or stainless steel

The drylin® toothed belt axes are available in 3 axis distances of 120/160/200mm and enable a higher torque support.  The new, modular linear axis impresses with improved dynamics and the ability to bear greater loads.

  • Available completely in hard anodised aluminum or corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Robust wide round belt
  • Central belt adjustment on the carriage
  • Self-lubricating and dirt-resistant
  • Loads up to 300kg (radial)

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