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Motors rarely come alone, which is why igus® offers a wide range of accessories for motor-driven linear units. It includes cost-effective proximity switches with the appropriate adapter kits for igus® linear units and these are also compatible with other manufacturers. To make the axes even more flexible, there are spacers, mounting brackets, motor flanges and couplings in the drylin E® portfolio. Braking resistors are also offered to protect motor control systems when braking at high speeds.

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Motor flange for lead screw drives

Matches the drylin® E coupling
from 49.14 USD/Pc.
52 items, thereof ready for shipping:
14 in 24 hours
2 in 24 - 48 hours
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drylin® E proximity switch - limit and reference switches

  • Compact, easy assembly of proximity switches
  • Plastic housing is very lightweight
  • Can be used as limit, position or reference switches
from 7.89 USD/Pc.
11 items, thereof ready for shipping:
5 in 24 hours
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External braking resistors (power class 50/75/100 W) for EC/BLDC motors

During the braking process of an electric motor, a voltage (braking energy) is generated. This braking energy can interfere with the motor control or generate an error message. 
To prevent this, the braking energy can be converted into heat by means of the motor control system and the braking resistor. Depending on the motor control system used, higher speeds can also be achieved by means of a braking resistor.
from 7.22 USD/Pc.
4 items, thereof ready for shipping:
4 in 2 - 6 weeks
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drylin® E set of replacement plug-in connectors

Replacement plug-in set for the suitable igus® motor control system
from 24.53 USD/Pc.
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drylin® E proximity switch kit

You can order suitable proximity switch kits for your motor here.
from 25.10 USD/Pc.
512 items, thereof ready for shipping:
7 in 24 hours
112 in 24 - 48 hours
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