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Bucket wheel reclaimer

This bucket wheel reclaimer also has to be equipped with a assembling of +/-180° which can move in a circle. This movement must also be able to be carried out by the energy chain. The use of plastic energy chains has resulted in a significant improvement in service life and fail-safeness. Because the rotary discs on the steel chains used previously failed after only two years of service. This resulted in damaged chains, faulty cables and long downtimes and servicing times. Following conversion to an 61 feet in length igus e-chain® with reverse bending radius (RBR) and chainflex® cables, the system has been running stably, reliably and maintenance-free, without malfunction. In addition, more than half the weight was saved – a further advantage, because the cables solely have a weight of 54 kilogram per meter. For this reason, the jury decided to award the silver vector to this strong solution.

National Mineral Development Corp. Ltd. , N. Rajasekhar,
Hyderabad, India





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