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Save time and money on maintenance and installation of your energy chain systems

Machines must work reliably and without problems. This requires reliable energy supply systems and cables that guarantee a long service life and a quick service, by which machine down-times can be avoided or reduced in case of emergency.

Our service

Predictable fixed cost for the assembly, maintenance or inspection of energy supply systems on your systems

Fast and fault-free installation and maintenance by qualified personnel

No down-times, low idle times

Products (cable carriers, cables, strain reliefs, guide troughs, etc.) Products and services from one source – minimize your logistics and supply chain

igus® system guarantee*

Assembly Service Options

The igus® installation service

Assembly of complete energy chain system® from the drum  

Your advantages

Housing, design, assembling, delivery up to complete installation of energy chains with all components

Predictable fixed cost for the installation, maintenance or inspection of energy supply systems on your system

Fast and accurate installation and maintenance of all components by qualified specialist personnel

No downtimes, minimal stoppage times

Products (energy chains, cables, strain relief systems, guide troughs, etc.) and services from one source – less logistical hassle for you

igus® System Guarantee*

* Guarantee applies to failing igus® components relating to wear according to certain technical parameters.

Increase the service lives of your machines with plastics

Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance, everything delivered from stock - that is the core idea and objective behind all igus® products, systems and services.

Video demos of igus® installation of energy chains
Installation, service and maintenance of complete energy supply solutions  

Installation service request

Sean McCaskill - Project Manager - igus® Inc.  
Your contact for igus® maintenance & installation:

Sean McCaskill

Engineered Systems
Product Manager
Tel: +1 704 522 7433

Fill out the form below with information about your current application and installation. Within 24 hours we will give you an individual estimate for assembly services.

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Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Sean McCaskill

Engineered Systems Manager


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