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At your fingertips – the most cost effective bearing that is guaranteed to work

Now 16 iglide® full range materials …

iglide® 16 full range materials  

The world's largest standard range for self-lubricating bearing expanded once again
16 full-range materials, 1,321 new products: iglide® standard range now with over 3,000 dimensions for the most challenging bearing solutions. From high temperatures to seawater, from food to automotive – directly find, calculate and order the best possible bearing.

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

113 sizes up to shaft diameter 50 mm according to DIN ISO3547

Online: service life + prices

No minimum purchase value

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16 iglide® full range materials

iglide® A181
The universal bearing for food contact

FDA- and EU10/2011-compliant

iglide® A350
The endurance runner at higher temperatures in the food sector

FDA- and EU10/2011-compliant

iglide® A500
The media and temperature specialist in the food sector

FDA- and EU10/2011-compliant

iglide® G300
The classic all-rounder

Excellent price-performance ratio

iglide® H1
Endurance runner with high media resistance

Excellent coefficients of friction and wear

iglide® H370
Extremely long service life under water

Good liquid media resistance

iglide® J
The versatile endurance runner

Very wear-resistant on (virtually) all shafts

iglide® J3
The new endurance runner: specialist for pivoting and tumescentloads

10 MPa up to three times more wear resistant than iglide® J

iglide® J350
Endurance runner with high dimensional stability in high temperatures

Can be used with many shafts and collective loads

iglide® M250
The sturdy all-rounder according to DIN ISO 2795

Excellent vibration dampening

iglide® P
The low-priced outdoor all-rounder

No moisture expansion even with high ambient humidity

iglide® P210
Specialist for pivoting, rolling applications and more

Good coefficients of friction and wear on almost all shafts

iglide® Q2
The durable heavy duty bearing

Combined wear resistance and compressive strength at high loads

iglide® L280
The classic endurance runner up to 30 Mpa

High wear resistance on (virtually) all shafts

iglide® T500
The chemical and temperature specialist

Up to 150 MPa static

iglide® Z
Extremely long service life under extreme conditions

Resistant to wear and impact even at high loads and temperatures

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