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Supply energy to the ocean floor

offshore e-chain  

Heavy duty energy feed to the ocean floor. e-chain® for enormously high torque thanks to hanging use with up to 656 ft length. Very flexible and adaptable setup, so that large hoses and cables can be guided reliably.

For very high tensile forces

Hanging applications up to 656 ft length

Very resistant against dirt and mud

Resistant to salt water and dirt

Very flexible and adaptable

For underwater applications

Typical applications:Offshore, drilling ships, oil platforms, harbours, ships in general


Offshore wind parks pose particular challenges with regard to cable routing. Among other things, drilling work has to be carried out under water on the pylons for the wind turbines. Heavy duty energy supply systems are necessary to withstand the difficult environmental conditions and the huge tensile forces when freely suspended over great lengths. The specially developed, media-resistant and flexible offshore e-chain® from igus® routes even cables with large diameters safely to the application. The heavy duty draw cable holds the weight of the system. Intensive tests in the igus® laboratory have proven the extraordinary load bearing capacity of the offshore chain.

offshore e-chain  

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