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speedigus® - Custom parts manufactured by igus®

What is speedigus®?

igus® aims to help customers optimize their applications at a low cost. This is referred to as "plastics for longer life®."
We provide our customers with custom parts or services when needed, which has been an important part of the igus® support system for many years.
Now, with speedigus®, custom parts are manufactured at high speeds due to the benefits of igus® Tribo-plastics.

All speedigus® requests are addressed within 24 hours and delivered within 3 to 15 business days.

Matthew Aldridge, igus® UK bearings director, introduces the new speedigus® Service



Customized injection-molded parts - reduce costs by up to 80%
New: Print2mold - 3D printing injection-mold tools
Metallic tools
3D printing  

igus® develops custom-made injection-molded parts made of high-performance iglide® plastics. The speedimold parts are made very quickly due to a lean manufacturing method, and they are extremely cost-effective. The plastics are able to withstand high temperatures, allowing up to 500 parts to be produced from one 3D print mold.

metallic tools  

If more than 200 to 500 pieces are required, customized iglide® parts can be produced by injection molding. A speedimold injection-molded part is made using an aluminum tool, which makes for an extremely time-saving process due to the lean manufacturing method. Deliveries can be received in as little as three days and never more than 21 business days, even for very complex components. Tooling costs are also very low, starting at €1,000.


Fast manufacturing - fast delivery

Custom iglide® parts are machined from bar stock. A speedicut part is made from a standard iglide® bar stock using a customer's drawing. Lead times can be as little as three days and never more than 15 business days.

+ -
from 3 days
Precise manufacturing
according to drawing
Maximum 100 mm
Ideal for small quantities



Time saving due to ready to install modules

iglide® components are fitted into a custom assembly. A speedifit part is made by taking a custom iglide® plain bearing and fitting it into a housing, which has been manufactured according to a customer's drawing. This entire assembly is supplied as a single component, saving time and money.

+ -
Reduce the number of
Increase productivity from 5 days
Increase cash flow

Why iglide® plain bearings?

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