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chainflex® cables are rigorously tested to earn a UL-verified 36 month guarantee

The cables are tested for millions of cycles to ensure higher performance and longer service life, up to 10 million double strokes.

igus® has been testing the service life of chainflex® cables for over 20 years in their 41,000 sq. ft. test laboratory located at their headquarters in Cologne, Germany.  In particular, the testing process is unique because of the extremely rigorous, holistic and systematic processes and batch testing that is applied to all cables in the test lab

Because of these rigorous tests, igus® can provide customers with the predicted durability of every chainflex® cable, with a UL-verified 36 month guarantee.  Learn more about the UL Test Process Verification.

The results of these tests are recorded in the database of the chainflex® service life calculator, where users can enter the speciifcations of their application, configure their expected service life and easily place an order.  Use the calculator here.  For more information on our test lab and testing process, click the button below.

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