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Linear Guides for Camera Sliders

igus® works with manufacturers and individual DIY video enthusiasts to provide individual components and assemblies for camera dollies and camera sliders.

drylin® W linear guides offer perfectly balanced friction for getting the shots you want.

They are also extremely quiet and require zero oil, affording you hassle-free production.

DryLin® W used as a camera slider
DryLin® W assembly instructions

6 reasons to use igus® parts

1. Perfectly balanced frictionGet that feel you are looking for

2. Quiet OperationPlastic liners are quieter and better at vibration dampening than metal rollers or thin PTFE-lined parts

3. No metal-on-metal contact if scratchedUnlike PTFE-lined parts, drylin® will not peel

4. No oil neededAlthough OK to use 3-IN-ONE if you want to try it out

5. 8-bolt designPrevents misalignment

6. Modular Easily add drylin® rolling bearings, clamps, and adjustable bearings.

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Parts you may like

Bearing housings are available in zinc (standard) or aluminum (lightweight) with the option of adjustable clearance or hand clamps for low-duty locking or to add drag to the system.

camera slider rail

Rail and carriages

Rail sizes: 10 mm (rail width 40 mm and 74 mm), 16 mm (rail width 58 mm) and 20 mm (rail width 82 mm)

adjustable carriage camera slider

"Turn-To-Fit" adjustable carriage

Allows adjustable clearance / drag in your camera slider system.

Bearing carriage with roller camera slide

Roller carriage

Features combined rolling-and-sliding motion for reduced friction.

Linear motion guide with hand clamp

Hand clamp

Locks the carriage in place or adds additional drag while sliding. Included with W16-C.

camera slider with hand clamp

Add-on hand clamp

Add a WHKA-10 to your WW-10-80 carriages to adjust drag.

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Many DIY instructions and user reports are available on YouTube.

More references

Users' videos on Vimeo, filmed with igus® sliders.

DryLin® linear guide for camera slider

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